Royal Wedding: Video Edition

This is a video that Mike shot with his iPhone from the balcony where we were standing as the royal family was leaving the Abbey.  It is pretty cool and you can see the horse at the front that goes bonkers and bucks his rider.

Royal Wedding from Fish and Chips and Salsa on Vimeo.

We were pretty impressed with the quality of the video!

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Royal Wedding: This is it edition!

We are here in the estate on a balcony overlooking the abbey! We won’t be able to see the entrance but I can’t imagine a better view of the processional!


The Royal Air Force band is playing a song from Disney’s Enchanted! This is really such a fairytale!

Prince William just passed us!!!!

Pardon the abrupt departure earlier- we couldn’t get any internet on our phones! Too many people around all trying to post to their facebook too. Here are some of our fave pics that we took!

It was a wonderful day! We watched from a balcony on the parliamentary estate and had a wonderful time! I could not have asked for a better spot to watch the festivities because we had the best of both worlds- a great spot to see everything outside but also a television and snacks.

Will post more later.

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Royal Wedding: dude it is intense over here edition

It is almost here and London has officially reached saturation point. I hope everyone will be up bright and early to watch in the morning.

Around Westminster Abbey with a little bit of Andrea-crazy.




I will be posting during the wedding if I can manage it but until then best wishes on your wedding festivities.

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Royal Wedding: Runner Up Edition

For those who are really devastated that William is off the market, just remember that he has a brother! You still get to be a princess and wear a tiara.

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Royal Wedding: Food Edition

In this week’s all royal wedding all the time theme I thought we would look at the edible side of the merchandise deluge.

Pappa John’s Offering

Dunkin Donuts is putting out a dounut and they don’t even have shops in the UK! (If that is an incorrect statement please alert me of the location STAT.)



Ring pop to look like the engagement ring!

And as with everything the UK does- beer.

So if you want to have a royal wedding party you can have one with all royal wedding themed food. Genius.

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In the Meantime

I am really still processing our India trip. Pictures are coming but we have both been crazy busy at work and trying to get caught up with missing two weeks.

If you have been marooned on a desert island until today you may have missed this so enjoy! I really want the royal wedding to be like this just a little. Royal watchers will know who each person is and how well this was cast. High-larious.

I really will let this go after the wedding but no promises for the next week: I feel royal wedding memorabilia overload is coming.

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Actual Conversation

Backstory- we are heading to Cantina Laredo tonight for fajitas.

Mike: Are we sharing fajitas tonight or getting our own?

Andrea: If you even touch my fajitas, I will stab you in the neck with my fork.

Mike: Right answer. Just wanted to make sure that we were on the same page.

Apparently going without beef for two weeks makes us a wee bit hostile and violent.

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