About Fish and Chips and Salsa

Hello and welcome to Fish and Chips and Salsa! We are Mike and Andrea, former small town Texas kids who grew up to be newlywed Dallas-ites and then after two years of marriage, high-tailed it to live a London adventure for a few years. This blog is a little about our life, a little about London and everything in between. Hope you enjoy!

You can contact us on fishandchipsandsalsa@gmail.com.


8 Responses to About Fish and Chips and Salsa

  1. Demetrius says:

    Love the blogs! So well written too. πŸ˜‰ I miss you guys…hope things are well and I hope to be able to visit real soon. Take care, I would say don’t miss America too much, but it sounds like you all have quite a bit of exploration to do before that happens. πŸ™‚ Take Care — Eve says hi and goodluck!

    P.S. I will definitely be on the lookout for McWashes…not that I visit McDonald’s very much anyway and I’m so jealous of the grocery delivery. Also, Eve and I are thinking of getting a new puppy. Any suggestions, not too small I refuse to emasculate myself for a dog.

  2. Bridget says:

    Hey, just a fellow Dallasite and Big “C” girl living in London takin a look at your blog. very cute. I know “people” who know you/your people back home and they forwarded your info to me. Congrats on getting a job with AW. I’m a member of AW of Surrey. Very nice to meet ladies who are in your same shoes. good luck in London.

  3. Hi bLOndiE: i am learning How 2 typE and Hopes this work.

    bRad was here and he made famous homemade cheeece dip.He uses velveta and no rOTel but he cuts up fresh tomatoos and japelanoos and onions and sauteas them first befour he puts then inn.We’s ate it all and thunk of you.

    I should not tell ya but I broken my ankel in 2 places helpin my nEIghbor save his boat during a bad storm last Sonday.I was learned that know gud deed goes unpunished.I has 2 wear this here walkun boot 4 weaks .you knows what a good patience i am’s.

    So glad 2 here you and studley is having a good time’s …Anunt linda and uNCle Me!!!!!

  4. PSSSSS_ I hopes I learns how 2 rite as gud as Ewe!!!!

  5. Rusty Bryan says:

    Hey kids…..Saw your Dad at Walmart and he brought me up to speed on the new world travelers. Based on your blogs, it seems you guys are having a wonderful time across the big pond. I hope the locals are treating both of you well. Your Dad said your flat is almost as big as your closet was here at home (LOL). I see even Frank gets involved with people lives overseas. He is never one to shy away from a Kodak moment. Debbie and I wish both of your health and happiness. Maybe next vacation you can go to Roy’s for some good old biscuits and gravy. Best to you both. Rusty and Debbie

  6. Sharon Goodman says:

    Hi. I am so glad it is time for your mother’s trip. I have had to look at the same two outfits for a month because all of her good stuff “is packed!”. Please see that she has a great time. Entertain her, feed her, and send her back with a smile and lots of stories.

  7. Andrea – Randy and I didn’t know that you and Mike had moved to the UK!! We live in our little LALA world here in Granbury, and don’t keep up as well as we ought to. We saw your parents Friday Night in Midlothian at the CHS-Midlothian game, and your mother told us. How cool!! What an exciting experience you two are having. I’m so glad Cindy gave us your blog address. It’s just great. We’ll enjoy reading about your adventures. Take care.

  8. karissa says:

    i forgot how entertaining you are.
    im so jealous you live in my dream town.

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