2011 Resolved

Dave Barry wrote a great piece on how 2010 was the worst year ever and maybe for the world as a whole, he was right. Me? I loved 2010. 2010 kicked major tail. Probably my favourite year ever.*

It started with a new year’s resolution. My resolution? Do something. I decided to do something. I had gotten really good at doing nothing and I didn’t like it. I worked harder and longer this year than any other year in my life and I loved it. I am sorry that my blog suffered because of it but I wouldn’t change it. Besides me working and finishing my degree there we also many other wonderful things that happened to us and those we loved that contributed to our wonderful year- friends and family’s babies arrived (and lots more will be arriving shortly), great trips, visits home, visitors here, and getting to mark 4 years of marriage to the best guy in the world!

So this year? I have some more resolutions. Don’t we all. But I am determined not to forget them by February by planning. That old saying, failing to plan is planning to fail, is totally corny but true. So I have been busy making plans. Putting some of my resolutions up here so that people can call me on it is part of that planning.


Crap Clear Out: I have divided up the house into sections and will be tackling one section each weekend. If it isn’t too embarrassing, I may take pictures!

Read: Many factors contribute to the fact that I don’t read very many books but the main one is that I have not made it a priority. I am setting my sights low and saying that I will read 20 books this year.

Write: Another quote that I like is, “Most people don’t want to write, they want to have written.” That is me. So this year I am going to write. I don’t know what yet but I am going to write. I have yet to get a handle on how to make myself do that but I will let you know.

Home Managing: This encompasses a great deal. It includes, shopping better, cooking better, and overall spending better. The Coker Budget Committee meets on Saturday and we will have a better idea what all this entails. (The Coker Budget Committee will be me and Mike but with heavy input from Hannahbelle. Kricket doesn’t give a hoot.)

So that is it. That is my hopes/dreams/goals for 2011. Who knows what life is going to throw at us this year but here’s hoping it can fill 2010’s shoes.

*My mom had some extreme health issues this year that had the potential to wreck this year and many to come. I don’t think this ruined the year even a little bit because though scarred and changed she came out resilient and with a vigour like I have never seen. And the care that my dad took of her and our whole family during that scary time raised my already high admiration for him even higher.  The overall outcome made us all feel more blessed than we had in a long time.  A good year indeed!


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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6 Responses to 2011 Resolved

  1. Jiji says:

    You are truly blessed; as well as we are for having you and your family in our lives. XO p.ss don’t count Kricket out before she has her say. Doggy toys & treats are high on her priority list 🙂

  2. Cindy says:

    A very good year indeed! We are blessed. Good luck with your resolutions. Each one of them is well within your amazing reach. I am really going to need pictures of that crap cleaning one!

  3. Carolyn Scott says:

    You are truly inspiring! Keep me posted on the progress.

  4. Dad says:

    Just a few comments:
    1. Where on earth do have room to keep crap???
    2. 20 books??? I will do good to finish one. And I will be happy with that.
    3. When you tell us, will that be in writing?
    4. “Kricket doesn’t give a hoot? Kricket can’t sit still long enough to catch a hoot non less give one back!
    5. I did not really do anything that any other husband should have done. But it sure is nice of you to mention it. Thanks.

  5. Dad says:

    I hate typing. The proper question is “Where on earth do YOU have the room to keep crap?

  6. Betty Bowden says:

    We are all so blessed. We are so glad to have Mike in our family. We were so glad to get the good report on your Mom and we had a wonderful Christmas because you and Mike got to come home. We were also proud of your Dad for the way he took care of Cindy during her illness. He did a great job.
    As far New Year’s resolutions, I did not make one. I knew I would probably break it. I do plan to get more exercise if possible. Sitting in my chair at night and watching TV is not very good exercise.

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