Comedy of Errors = Not Funny

We watched the news this weekend as if knowing what was going on would have any bearing whatsoever on what would happen today. We kept refreshing our flight information and all looked good. We finally decided that there was enough hope to pack around midnight, and then tried to sleep a few hours.

The mini cab we had booked never showed and we had to call the slightly less reputable mini cab company near us who could send a car immediately. I am not sure that the guy who drove us had ever even been to the airport before. He kept going the wrong way and getting us stuck in traffic that we didn’t need to be in in the first place. It took us over two hours in the car to get to the airport.

We realized about 30 mins away that our flight had been canceled. We kept going to the airport anyway mostly out of desperation to get out of the cab with the awful driver who kept dropping hints so that we would tell him we didn’t mind if he smoked- we minded.

We tried flying standby for a flight to Houston. Then that flight got canceled. We decided to tube it home because the thought of paying for another cab would just add insult to injury. It took 2 hours. My allergies decided to FREAK OUT and my face and eyes got swollen as I sneezed every 10 seconds. Fun times.

No one knows what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks is going on at the airport. So in that spirit we are going to give standby a try tomorrow. It probably won’t work. We will probably end up paying for a cab again and then taking the tube home again. But we had to try.

No one has any idea why the 5/6 inch snow fall has completely paralyzed the country. It keeps happening every year (though not usually with such spectacular timing) and they keep saying the same thing- it never snows! How were we to know what to do!? We thought global warming was going to end all snow so we sold the snow plows for some magic beans!?!? The radio today said that they are calling on the government to appoint a Snow Czar. I would like to officially put my hat in the ring for the job. It is true that I have no experience navigating an entire country through a blizzard but apparently NO ONE ELSE DOES EITHER. I think that I would be pretty good. Plans include: heated runways, text-based flight updates and not ruining the whole country’s Christmas plans because of an amount of snow that would not have even cause delays somewhere like Chicago or Detroit. Also- I decided that the Snow Czar should dress something like this:

Wish us luck tomorrow.


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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4 Responses to Comedy of Errors = Not Funny

  1. angelle says:

    I am sorry your horrible story makes me laugh, I think you are home now so I can say that because I would be in tears in I could not get home for Christmas. Also, I hope you get the Czar job because every girl should have an outfit like that.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Dad says:

    For anyone reading this, perseverance won out. After standing in line for hours in Heathrow and catching a standby, they are now home in Texas. All is good.

  3. Jiji says:

    Dad said it best; “All is Good”! Welcome Home & Merry Christmas.

  4. lollie says:

    I am with you about the snow czar. A woman on a mission would be a hard one to stop. Love the uniform

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