The Happenings

Not much going on here in London. It is getting dark a bit earlier, in the mornings I can see my breath, and our coat rack is slowly filling up as we bring warmer things into rotation and other little things that mean that winter is a’coming. I haven’t made pumpkin bread yet though- you’ll know it is cold when I make pumpkin bread. Some random things going on in our life lately:

  • Mike’s work had a cake baking competition and we place 2nd out of 50. As you can imagine, we got robbed and are royally pissed. Please see picture below for proof of our awesomeness.
  • We will be sending out Christmas cards this year for the first time in two years- I am starting early so that it will actually happen! If you think you may not be on our list email/facebook me your address!
  • Speaking of Christmas, I walked through Harrods on Saturday and the Christmas shop is up and running and I am SO excited about Christmas this year!!
  • We went to a white-collar boxing match last weekend and it was quite the experience. All I kept thinking was that the first rule about fight club is that nobody talks about fight club!
  • We had friends over last week and I made the Pioneer Woman’s White Chicken Enchiladas and I think that I have found my new default enchilada. Duuuude they were good!
  • The West Wing is still dominating my tv set and I would like to join in with all the other fans  and voice my disappointment with the episodes after Sorkin left. It is still in my top tv shows ever list. The worst episode of West Wing is still better than the best episode of most shows on tv.
  • I wish I had taken a graphic design class in college. Just because.
  • This is my third corndog-less year in a row and that thought is really bumming me out.
  • If someone can find a way to teleport me one, that would be great.
  • They also have fried Frito chili pie. This make me sad on a whole new level.
  • Fried Oreos sound really good. Now I’m hungry.

That is all that is happening over here but I will keep you posted if someone manages to teleport me a corndog.


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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10 Responses to The Happenings

  1. Dad says:

    Do not, DO not, DO NOT order the fried beer. Yes, thats right, fried beer. Little raviolis filled with Shiner Bock. Just pure nasty!!!

  2. Cindy Williams says:

    -After your description the other day about the cake I cannot imagine one that could possibly be better.
    -Did you by chance repaint your fireplace?
    -I, too, am excited about this Christmas. Reason? You guys will be home this year.
    -Speaking of Christmas, I think you had better bring that white chicken enchilada recipe with you.
    -Last, but not least, the corn dog was good, but the fried frito pie was AMAZING!!!

    • fishandchipsandsalsa says:

      We did not repaint, it just looks really dark in that pic for some reason!

      Yay for being home at Christmas this year!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Nana says:

    I am so excited about Christmas this year. Can’t wait to see you both. I agree with Cindy. Please bring home the chicken enchilada recipe. It sounds very good. I will try to put your village up but I know it will not be as pretty as you could do it, but I will try real hard.
    Maybe we can compare my delicious sweet fried chicken to your chicken enchilada’s. ha

  4. Debi Kirksey says:

    I’ve been craving a corn dog too, ever since my friend flew to Dallas last weekend for the fair. I told her she could bring one back in her purse for me, but alas, it did not happen.

    White Chicken Enchiladas–sounds yummy! I love Pioneer Woman!


  5. t-nutts says:

    Is that awesome blue mantel in your apartment? I want that over the cake. Unless you make a strawberry cake, which I have been really craving for the last few days…

  6. Suzanne says:

    Would you be interested in a recipe for corndogs? I can send you one if you want.

  7. Jiji says:

    Cake is beautiful! Can’t imagine what 1st Place was like.

    Bought my first ornaments for the tree this year. Love Hobby Lobby. Love u guys too. j

  8. lollie says:

    Headed to fair tomorrow, so will eat a corndog for you and roasted corn on the cob. I could cram a corndog in my suitcase but a month old corn dog may not be desireable. Will just savor one for you tomorrow. Mustard not ketchup.

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