Oscars Red Carpet!

We are home from Scotland and ready to watch the Oscars!! Full confession: I may only be doing the red carpet because I am TIRED. I may make it through the whole show but I can almost guarantee that I will not be witty come 4am.

11:07 Do you think that Zac Efron sees Ryan Seacrest and sees his future?

11:09 I want to love Anna Kendrick but she is at the Oscars, wearing a couture pink dress, talking about the movie she is in with George Clooney so I may have to hate her.

11:14 Five bucks to whoever runs up and yanks that flower out of Monique’s hair. (Her dress is lovely though)

11:17 Mariah Carey looks like she is babysitting Nick Cannon not married to him. That pair disturbs me. Mariah started talking about her boobs and it got awkward really fast.

11:25 I want Zoe Saldana’s dress sooo much. I am so glad that she has risen from Center Stage which may be the best dance movie EVAH. Which I would rather watch than Avatar any day.

11:29 The actresses who talk about how chill they have been about getting ready and how they woke up and ate a hamburger and put on their dress. Be honest and tell me you haven’t eaten a real meal in weeks and have had so many facials that your face hurts. I would respect you more.

11:34 Well done, person who decided to invite Ryan Reynolds, well done. I am a total sucker for a bow tie and self-deprecation.

11:38 Admittedly, I enjoyed Avatar. I do want James Cameron to lose tonight- especially to his ex-wife.

11:40 Mike is determined to score a giant bow tie like Tom Ford’s. I have no objections.

11:48 Sigourney Weaver sold her soul to the devil to look like that at 60. Way to show the younguns how it’s done.

11:57 Diane Krueger’s dress is straight up crazy and she doesn’t even care- which makes me kinda love her.

11:59 I fear people will hate it, but I LOVE Sandra Bullock’s dress. She shimmers. She seems genuinely nice and I kinda love her. Also- I am saying love a lot tonight but go with it.

12:04 I love that Faith Hill is at the Oscars. I don’t love that now I can’t stop singing This Kiss.

12:13 Dear Miley, Stand up straight and stop slouching.

12:19 Charlize Theron looks like she is getting groped from behind by Miss Piggy. Not good.

12:33 JLo is there. What has she done in the past year to warrant an Oscar invite?

12:38 Kristen Stewart brushed her hair- it is truly a night of miracles.

12:39 Gabourey Sidibe is giddy to be at the Oscars and called it Hollywood prom. She is adorably un-jaded and I find it refreshing.

12:43 Robert Downy Jr best dressed man. Hands Down.

1:12 Switched over to the real show on ABC and Kathy Ireland is the worst red carpet host I have ever seen in my life. I have never thought that Ryan Seacrest could ever look so talented by comparison.

1:16 This is the first time in years Cameron Diaz looks like she knew she was headed to the Oscars. Her hair is combed and she isn’t in a poufy white dress like a sad jilted bride.

1:25 Time for the Show!!!

I bid you goodnight! Enjoy the show!!

Update: Surprise opening with Neil Patrick Harris? Best. Decision. Ever.

Update 2: Steve Martin and Alec Martin hosting may be the Worst. Decision. Ever. They are bombing.


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This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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5 Responses to Oscars Red Carpet!

  1. T-Nutts says:

    How are you seeing all this? Has it already started?!

  2. Cindy says:

    I think that if you cannot fulfill your Oscar obligations to entertain me all through the show then it is DEFINITELY time to return to the USA!!! And now, on the upside, I get to go to bed at a decent hour and not feel obligated to watch the show! =) Without your witty commentary it just isn’t worth it. Get some sleep.

  3. Jiji says:

    I dozed off at the end and the d _ _ n tvo cut off right after Best Actor presentation!!! So, no I did not see Sandra’s acceptance speech, or Catherine’s either for that matter. Technology is grand when the person operating it in the U S knows what she is doing!!!

    I’m with Cindy, I need witty commentary and technology help that isn’t in a different time zone to get through the Oscar’s from this year forward!


  4. Lollie says:

    I totally agree about Miley Cyrus needing to stand up, where is her mother?? And what’s with all the chewing gum? Did they hand out free samples as everyone walked in?

    I thought Sandra Bullock’s dress was B E A U T I F U L

    I would have been PO’d if I were George Clooney. You don’t show up to be made fun of. And by the way, where were Martin and Baldwin’s nominations???

    You missed the break dance to the score of “the Hurt Locker”. I was not impressed.

  5. Suzanne says:

    I totally agree about Kathy Ireland…she stunk! Sandra’s dress was beautiful & I’m thrilled she won! If I could pick one movie star I would love to meet, I think it would be her.

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