Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to work I go!

I got a JOB!! ISH!!! After a full year of absolutely no work whatsoever, I am back in the workforce. Sorta. I think most of the workforce gets paid and I do not. But most of the workplace also wears pants and I do do that. I am doing an internship with a local political organization and their candidate for Parliament. Right now I am working every day from around 9:30-5:00 (ok more like 9:40ish- my punctuality costs money) and I am loving it. I wasn’t going to put anything on the blog about it, but then I realized that for the next few months I would have absolutely nothing to say on here because it is going to take up so much of my time. So here’s the deal folks, I am going to talk about my internship/job on here because this blog is about our life and now this is part of our life. I will not be giving names, locations, party identifications or any such information on here and even though some of you know more specific things, please keep them out of the comments under penalty of death. No seriously, you blow my cover and you are DEAD TO ME.

I am doing many things that I did in my job back in Texas but strangely have a bit more responsibility. I am the assistant for the Parliamentary candidate (henceforth to be know as the PPC which is what they call them all over here) and in charge of keeping the PPC’s diary and handling all invitations and meeting requests. It is amazing how quickly you forget things and how quickly you pick back up on things. The most important thing that I have learned in all my political job experience can be boiled down to one sentence and if you operate under this sentence, your life will be easier. You can probably modify it to fit many jobs. Here it is, the secret to working in a campaign or government office:

Every constituent is crazy until proven otherwise.

That probably sounds incredibly patronizing. And negative. Whatever. If you are treating someone like they are nuts-o, and realize they are totally sane one minute into the conversation it’s no harm no foul and you can go on treating them as normal. If you are a few minutes into a conversation with what you think is a regular person and then you realize that they are crazy, you’re screwed. Because you have to go back and clarify things and write things down and crazy people never tell the story the same way twice and then they stop and freak out because THE UNICORNS R ATTAKING ME WHY WON”T ANYONE IN THE GUV’MENT HAAALP ME!!?!?! And you are left with someone screaming in your ear and you banging the phone on the desk. If you had just treated them like a crazy in the first place you would have gotten the story the first time and the unicorns would have never attacked. Those of you laughing at what you think is a gross exaggeration have never worked in a political office.

That is my fun fact for the day. I hope I can keep telling you stories and things about my job because so far it has been great! But just remember: details in the comments = dead to me.


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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3 Responses to Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It’s off to work I go!

  1. Jiji says:

    I enjoy reading your blog as much as I enjoy reading “My Life in France” by Julia Child. You are much more entertaining! Keep it coming!! 🙂

  2. Sounds v-e-r-y intriguing. I”ll keep watching the blog, and hoping that our paths will still cross some day if you ever get out to “play” again.

    Enjoy the job,

  3. Lollie says:

    Do the people on the other end of the phone, pause and wonder if they dialed the Texas Consulate? Do they think your drawwwwwwllll is charming?

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