In the Land of Milk and Honey

In the Old Testament, after the Israelites had been wandering the desert for 40 years, they finally came close to the promised land. They sent 12 spies to check out the land and even bring back food from the land. The spies went out and came back and told them of a land flowing with milk and honey. They brought back fruits and told of the great bounty in the land! To these wandering Israelites, who had been living off of manna and quail, the variety must have truly seemed like heaven. Well, ladies and gentlemen we have been to the promised land and we bring back good news of a land flowing with fajitas and Whataburger. And just as the Lord instructed, we brought back pictures.

We love Ozona and got to go one night with Ben and Jeanne. It is such a fun restaurant with a great patio and amazing food. I usually eat their fried jalapeno strips until I have holes in my esophagus and their spinach salad will forever change your views on spinach salad. What they are most famous for is their chicken fried steak. It was voted best in Dallas by DMagazine. I hadn’t had chicken fried steak in over two years and this was a welcome delight. They do it right too. The gravy is perfect, the mashed potatoes still have skin on them (yum) and the toast is golden and buttery. It is on my list of things to try and make over here because I don’t think that we should wait another 2 years!!

These little babies are fried pickles from a wing place called Pluckers! I LOVE fried pickles but eating the fried pickle chips makes me sick after about 3 because they are always so greasy. These fried spears from Pluckers are just right and their Ranch is amazing! Pluckers is at Greenville and Lovers in the big shopping center- you should go because their wings are amazing and they serve their sweet tea in a Mason jar!

Sweet Potato chips and steak quesadillas at the Blue Mesa in the airport on the way home. Trip for travel- eat a good meal before you get on the plane so you can bypass the “dinner” they give you. Your intestines will thank you.

Fajitas at Pepe’s and Mito’s. There are no words. Just go. And as for extra tortillas- trust me.

There were many other food highlights that I didn’t get good pictures of. We had a great Fake-Thanksgiving at Nana and Honey’s with all the traditional foods. The food at John and Ashley’s wedding in Palm Beach was amazing. I got to have my favorite Mediterranean food with Tawny at Ali Babba’s, delicious grits at Roy’s with Honey and I think I went to Whataburger at least 6 times in 3 weeks. It was truly a whirlwind of delicious food and even better company!

The story I loosely referenced in the opening is actually a wonderful story with a great lesson in trusting the Lord. Find it HERE. I pulled a Joel Osteen and used the just fluffy part to suit my own needs.


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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3 Responses to In the Land of Milk and Honey

  1. Jiji says:

    Loved our visit and the memories! Hate the 5 lbs. that I gained! 🙂 Love you guys! Miss you tons! Jiji

  2. Dad says:

    Food over family at the airport. I thought so! LOL. But the fried okra at Spring Creek Barbecue with Ben and Jeannie beat Ola’s any day of the week! And that is saying something.

  3. Angelle says:

    Just wanted to say Hi, and we really enjoy reading your blog.
    Merry Christmas

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