Andrea’s Museum Theory

Carole pointed out in the comments of the last post that I do not tend to love museums. This is both true and false. I want to explain to you my museum theory. Here it is:

If you don’t care about something 364 days of the year, you do not have to pretend to care about it the one day a year you are in a museum focused on it.

I am all for going to all kinds of museums and hitting the high spots so that I can learn new things, because I love learning. However, meandering through reading every plaque and listening to every audio guide and doing those awful interactive display things is something I only do at museums of things of which I am really interested. I also don’t think that you should feel guilty if you don’t want to go to a museum that does not interest you at all. Why? Because there are museums about EVERYTHING. How much time have I spent in the British Transportation Museum? None. How much time do I anticipate spending in it before we move home? None. How much guilt do I have over this decision? None. See how easy that is? It is much like my Valentine’s Day theory, which is: if you love someone, you love them every day of the year and doing something special on Valentine’s Day is a great treat, but if you are a total jerk 364 days a year, flowers and chocolates on one day don’t mean anything other than you have a calendar and a guilt complex.

So that is the Andrea (world’s worst sightseer) Museum Theory in a nut shell. I also have to admit that my favorite part of every museum is the gift shop. Period. We are planning on going to the Vatican museum and I am also hoping that they have some kind of ride to take a turn on the Pope-mobile but I won’t get my hopes up.


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This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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6 Responses to Andrea’s Museum Theory

  1. Cindy says:

    Having spent the last 24 years traveling with you, I can truthfully say that you summed it up well. Now, about the trees…..

  2. jiji1 says:

    I hear that most museums are closed on Mondays, so depending on your travel dates you might just be in luck! But then again a ride on the Pope-mobile might really be fun! Be sure and send us all “blessed” post cards from the Vatican post office. (Read this cute post here: )

    What about the trees? Tell us more.

  3. Dad says:

    Don’t you say a word about those trees!!! LOL. But I promise never to take to a museum ever again.

  4. Lollie says:

    I’m with you, all the museums I have gone to because it is “the accepted protocal” haven’t been worth the effort. ie. Chinese warrior and King Tut, but I think I would rather visit those than to go to the “shoe museum” with Jiji. I love you Jiji but I had much rather garage sale with you than go to a “shoe??? museum” well each to his own.

  5. kellie says:

    Hear Hear Andrea!

    When in Rome . . . you must go to the Spanish Steps! Everyone sits on them and reads the paper, I imagine now they check their Blackberry! Also, eat some Gelato, YUM! Don’t forget to toss 3 coins in the fountain! What else can I remember from 25 years ago?

    Oh, don’t hold your breathe on the Pope-mobile. However, being in Vatican City is “cool”!

  6. JiJi says:

    I’m still wondering about the trees.

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