Taste of Texas

We are always trying to make the food we ate in Texas over here in London. We make taquitos, enchiladas, queso etc. all the time. But it is always just for us or maybe a few people coming over. Mike got an email the other day that his work group was having a luncheon and everyone was supposed to bring food from where they were from- his group is extremely diverse. We talked about some ideas and then forgot about it. Since the lunch is today we were debating yesterday about what he should bring that was good and Texan, but we wanted something that people really couldn’t get here. We decided that lots of our ideas were too messy and cumbersome to walk with to work. I think that some Velveeta Rotel queso would dazzle quite nicely but Mike wasn’t keen on schleping a crock pot all over London. Enchiladas were a possibility but they are quite messy and I think they are best in a Mexican themed dinner not just random international potluck- enchiladas and curry anyone? Yesterday I decided to make biscuits and breakfast sausage for dinner (Thursdays are brinner night at the fish &chips & salsa casa) and Mike said that was perfect and what he wanted to take to the luncheon! Londoners LOVE sausage but all the sausage here is in link form- sausage patties are nonexistent. The only place you can find them is McDonalds breakfast menu and those will do in a pinch, but I love me some Owens and/or Jimmy Dean. I have experimented with making some sausage before and the flavor was good but I used extra lean pork mince and extra lean does not sausage make. I went to the store and bought some unflavored pork sausage meat and that worked much better. So last night I fried up about 3 pounds of homemade breakfast sausage made from Homesick Texan’s awesome recipe: Breakfast Sausage.  Put it in Ziploc containers and put it in the fridge. Here’s one:


Biscuits here are cookies. I think the closest thing to American biscuits are plain scones but they are usually sweeter than I think they should be and just a little off. There is not a Grands can o’ biscuits to be found in the country (if there is please let me know). So we learned to make them ourselves soon after we moved because living for years sans biscuits is not an existence that I care to contemplate. This morning I got up and made a giant batch and sent them in a big bowl covered with a pretty towel!


We also made some gravy to send and I sacrificed some of my Welch’s grape jelly (no grape jelly in London- I don’t understand either). Mike is excited about the lunch and getting to share one of his favorites with his friends and I am excited that I swiped some biscuits for my own breakfast!


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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7 Responses to Taste of Texas

  1. Lollie says:

    I had a foreign exchange student from Brazil in my class a couple years ago who fell in love with “canned bread” he had two cans every morning. I finally discovered he was talking about Grand’s biscuits.
    With everything that is missing in London maybe we should form a American food import business. Who knows we could be the next Whole Foods.

    Or, a foreign food restaurant, we could call it “A little taste of Paris (Texas) and open by a real French restaurant.

    If they don’t have sausage do they have Uncle Hub’s thick slice bacon?
    Christmas is far away but fast approaching, maybe you should start a food wish list in hopes that some long distant cousin would ship a care package.

    Oh, and lest I forget. HAPPY BIRTHDAY UNCLE HUB and CANDICE. UNCLE HUB YOU KNOW YOU ARE MY FAVORITE. So special I had my daughter on your birthday, (let one of the other girls top that) and Jiji You too are my favorite (had the grandson on your birthday)

  2. Dad says:

    All the more reasons girl, all the more reasons!

  3. Debi Kirksey says:

    I commiserate with you about the sausage. I made breakfast tacos once with link sauage that I bought at Waitrose. Just squeezed that sausage out of its casing and scrambled it to mix with the eggs, but the sausage had a rather sweet taste, maybe even nutmeg in it. The breakfast tacos were OK, but not like home. Maybe we should meet some morning for a sausage muffin at McDonalds!

  4. kellie says:

    Andrea, you need to make friends with a military wife. The commissaries overseas carry tons of “home” food. I’ll bet you could beg to get some good ole Owens sausage every so often! Maybe even a block of Velveeta. Not thinking we can get you Owens over there even if we over night it, what kinds of customs issues are there!?! Proud of you girl! Keep on improvising!

    Love ya

  5. fishandchipsandsalsa says:

    All the more reasons to what?

    Debi, I think breakfast at McDonalds sounds great! Maybe the AWC can make it an activity 🙂

  6. Cindy says:

    So….how did they like it?

  7. jiji1 says:

    We love Owens Sausage so much that we moved into their neighborhood here in Richardson, TX. If you get up and walk the neighborhood really early in the morning you can hear them unloading the pigs from the trucks getting them ready for making our famous sausage. I know TMI, but that’s the reality. And we love Owens Sausage!!!

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