Kick A Wednesday: Evening

The story of my evening needs to be told in several parts.

Part One: I have abominable taste in music. Truly truly terrible. I attribute it to being completely tone deaf. I tend to just gravitate to music that makes me happy, and I also have to like the words. People who justify listening to music just because of the ‘beat’ or whatever- I don’t get them- I need words. I also tend to link songs to memories (I think everyone does). Every time I hear “There’s No Business Like Show Business” I am taken back to my first trip to New York sitting in my first Broadway show listening to Tom Wopat sing this song. Every time I hear that “Who’s Your Daddy” country song by Toby Keith, I am back in mom’s van with Ashley and Adlee and all the girls headed to volleyball games in high school. That said, I was really struggling with living here when we moved here last year but things got better and it was in the early fall that I really started to find my way and be ok with everything. When I walked down the street, there was a new chill in the air and I was getting ready for my first real winter, we were going to have visitors soon and everything just started to finally feel settled. That is coincidentally when Taylor Swift’s new album came out and landed on my iPod. As all good city dwellers know, one cannot walk down the street or partake in public transportation without the obligatory white earbuds in your ears. And most of the time in the fall, I was jamming to Taylor Swift. Because the music was light and I could understand the words and it made me happy thereby fulfilling all my music requirements. So now anytime I hear her songs I am taken back to walking the streets in London in the cold feeling better than I had in a long time.

Part Two: I don’t do concerts. I have never really seen the appeal. Why? Because I can enjoy music sitting down. Because my reaction to hearing a song I like is not screaming. Because I want to have fully functioning ears well into my old age. Because I have never cared enough to spend the money when I could see a musical instead- you know with assigned seats and an intermission. But I also said to myself, “Self, if Taylor Swift ever comes to London we should go see her!” I did not think that the likelihood of me having to keep this deal with myself was very high.

Part Three: I got home from knitting club last Tuesday (yes, seriously- don’t look at me like that- I am well on my way to a potholder) and was perusing the interwebs for my daily dose of celeb gossip and saw a blurb about Taylor Swift leaving her hotel in London. I deduced that if she was here, she probably had a show here and two minutes of googling later I had showtimes. I get excited and whip out my phone to call all of my wonderful friends that I have gushed on about how they are so great and we do stuff together all the time blah blah. Everybody and their dog had company, plans or complete and total disinterest. Jerks. So I call my ever faithful husband at work and tell him the great news: Taylor Swift has a concert tomorrow and I found tickets to the sold out show on the internet and he gets to come with me!!!! He laughed at me. So I did what any reasonable person would do. I bought one ticket and decided I was going by my darn self.

Part Four: I did not like 13/14/15 year old girls when I was a 13/14/15 year old girl. Nothing has changed. I got there two hours early thinking I would be one of the first ones there and there were hundreds of teenage girls in homemade tshirts and holding signs and screaming. WHY DO THEY ALWAYS SCREAM?? I was in line to get in between two groups of girls and I don’t think I have ever had so many homicidal thoughts in such a short amount of time. I had a great seat though- first balcony (I didn’t want the floor, because there are no seats on the floor) center, 2nd row.

Part Five: I HAD THE BEST FREAKING TIME EVAH!!!! I danced and sang along and just let myself get carried away in the giddieness of the whole thing. I made friends with the people around me (who were not 15), I clapped and cheered and had a blast. I also treated myself to the full concert experience and bought a ridiclously overpriced concert tshirt that I am far too embarassed to wear out of the house.

A few shots from my seat:


I don’t know how well you can tell it but her guitar is BEDAZZLED. Um mom and dad could have totally gotten me to stick with piano if I had known that there was a possibility of bedazzled instruments in the future. They also could have gotten me to eat my peas with bedazzled forks and drive a stick shift with a bedazzled uhhh shifter.


Jake makes fun of me for having the iPod of a 14 year old girl and it’s pretty true. But it served me well on Wednesday. Somedays I still get really sad about living so far away but then I remember that on a random Wednesday I can wake up and hike in the English countryside, have a quick lunch at a quaint old pub, dash home to walk the dogs and then spend the evening jamming like a little kid at a concert!

Thus concludes my Kick A Wednsday!


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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6 Responses to Kick A Wednesday: Evening

  1. Cindy says:

    I am so proud of you for going! You certainly did not get your adventuresome spirit from me, but I am glad you got it from somewhere. I would have paid the price of a ticket just to see you deal with the teenaged girls – you were always so patient with them when you were one of them! HA!

  2. JiJi says:

    You go Girl!!! We must never forget the teenager that lives inside us all!

    I know that you have heard the term “Boomers” as in Baby Boomers, but have you heard the term “Zoomers”? Zoomers are retired people, with the brain of a 45 yr old, and the heart of a teenager. I hope to never lose the fun loving girl I was in the 1960’s. AND, I will remind you and Michael of this well into my 90’s. Ha Ha!

    I wish that I had known Michael Jackson’s concert dates for his “Final Curtain Call” when I booked our trip to London. Alas, his first show is the day we return to the States. Yes, I know how a lot of you feel about Michael J, but you can’t deny his ability at entertaining! Dang!

    Your crazy MIL:)

  3. Dad says:

    Girl, you are on a roll! Mom and I went to the Dallas Symphony to hear the music of John Williams. No screaming, no standing and there were chairs on the floor. It was great!

  4. Carolyn says:

    What a Wednesday (or any day for that matter)! You are so stinkin’ amazing! I love living vicariously through you! Your descriptive, hilarious blogging makes my day! Keep up your fearless trek through London living.

  5. lollie says:

    I don’t know if you really read all my responses but writing them makes me feel good.
    For this response I probably should set up my own blog.
    Response 1) My life is a constant sound track. I may break into song at any given moment. My students just endure as there is always a song response to any given math question. Billy is terminally ill and I am dealing with that so I have left my students movies to watch. No, you may not bring your own movies, Mrs. Cannon’s movies have a message. What did I leave??? Helly Dolly, The King and I, Desk set, stand and deliver, Coach Carter (who I have met), The Pistol (who I thought was the cutest thing when he played ball). I felt they need to appreciate a good musical.
    2) I too think live concerts are pretty pricy for what you get but when Curtis sang with Kenny Chesney last year the price was truly “priceless”. I have given into the concert lure to see the Beach Boys, Bobby Sherman, Davy Jones, the Association, and Willie. I screamed and danced and had such a good time. All the husbands just sat there and rolled their eyes so you were better off without M.

    3) The knitting club reminds me of the movie “Calendar Girls” (keep your clothes on)

    4) I bought Candice a bedazzler at a garage sale and she loves it.

    5) Are’t teenage girls wonderful, that’s why teachers have to have a 3 months vacation and breaks throughout the year. DDDDRRRRAAAAMMMMAAAAA at it’s greatest.

    I am so glad I can escape to London with the click of a button at anytime day or night.

    Love to you both,

  6. lollie says:

    Oh, forgot how can any Ipod be old? I just bought a car with a 5 disc CD changer and thought I was really something. Oprah talked about Skyping on her show and showed a clip of “The Jetson’s” using a video phone back in the 60’s I remember the episode and have now seen fiction turn into fact.

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