I think that I say enough wonderful things about my family that they can deal with this entry because I try to be honest on this blog. No names will be changed to protect the guilty.

Mom, Dad and Jake will arrive here on Monday night for a week! I am so excited to see them. However, it violates one of the only promises I have ever made to myself: NEVER VACATION WITH THESE PEOPLE AGAIN!!!

I know I am not going with them but they will be on vacation and I will be there, therefore violating my promise. So I am nervous about next week. I want to say that as a family we have had some great vacations together and I love my family with my whole heart. This paralyzing fear comes from our last vacation together that still elicits groans from all of us when it is brought up.

The Year: 2005

The Place: Washington DC

The Players: Terry, Cindy, Andrea & Jake

This was the summer of 2005. I was in college and had just gotten engaged to Mike and there was a little bit of pressure on this trip because it would be the last vacation with just the four of us before I graduated and got married. Because that is just what a vacation needs: pressure. Many factors that lead this trip to be the groan inducing trip that it became were really no one’s fault. The week before we left I was diagnosed with shingles in two nerves in my spine and a pretty severe case of bronchitis. Therefore, I was on nerve medicine for the shingles and cough medicine for the bronchitis. The nerve medicine kept me buzzy and sickly and I couldn’t sleep well; that coupled with the cough medicine was not a good combination. Jake was suffering from something called Sever’s Disease which is an inflammation in the growth plate of the heel which made walking a great deal very painful for him. The doctor said that Advil/Ibuprofen would help his feet not hurt as much. Still Washington DC requires quite a bit of walking so Mom and Dad pumped the kid full of Advil all day. Jake also spent the vacation barfing in every trashcan in Washington DC. We later found out that he is allergic to Advil and it irritates his stomach hence the reason we all know where trash receptacles are located at ever major DC monument. Plus he was 13 and have you ever met a 13 year old? That didn’t make it any easier. So I was hacking up my lungs and in constant pain because of my shingles and Jake can barely walk and is puking on each corner. Jake and I also tend to pick on each other and fight magnify this with being sickly on vacation we were at each others throats the entire trip. Fun Fact about Cindy: nothing makes her more on edge and mad than me and Jake fighting. So she was thrilled the whole time. Dad was pissed nobody was having fun on this vacation because vacation is expensive and so we should start having fun RIGHT NOW!!!!

Low point: By one of the last nights in DC the sleep deprivation was getting to me and I was being kept up by Dad’s freakishly loud snoring tried to make him be quiet and he yelled at me to go back to sleep (he doesn’t remember this btw) and so I cried (on way to many drugs) and took my pillow and blanket and slept in the bathtub the rest of the night.

We were all barely speaking to each other by the time we got home. Good times. So needless to say, I am nervous about next week. Mike and I stay with my parents all the time but we have cars and stuff to do and Nana’s food to go eat so it isn’t really a vacation it is just a visit. There aren’t …gulp…expectations of sightseeing and fun to be had.Ā  I am starting to buckle under the pressure. Maybe I should clean the bathtub.

Disclaimer: There are some good memories of that trip as well. I am almost certian.


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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6 Responses to Nervous

  1. Cindy says:

    That was quite a trip and it is a shame that our final family vacation left us with such a bad feeling. But I think we will be fine this time. Hope springs eternal!

  2. fishandchipsandsalsa says:

    See… now you are making me feel bad for airing our family laundry. There were good times I liked Mt. Vernon šŸ™‚ And we saw Avenue Q!

  3. Dad says:

    Lets make a few corrections please: (LOL)
    1. I am EASY. No really.

    2. That was the first night in DC not the last.

    3. I am going to eat your food. So its not a vacation, its just a trip!

    See, no pressure at all!

  4. Uncle Bob says:

    You are cooking????????…barf bags may be necessary again…ha!!!

  5. jiji1 says:

    Great story! Family vacations….what memories! But, you left out, “Are we there yet?” “What’s that smell?” “I hafta go to the bathroom!”

    And just for the record, I’m so jealous….I miss you guys. Love you, mean it šŸ™‚

  6. Cindy says:

    Mt. Vernon was amazing as usual and there is just nothing like puppet porn (Ave. Q) to bring a mother and daughter to tears from laughing. But for the record – I only recall that I was pleasant and helpful to everyone throughout that entire trip. I do not remember fighting, although I do remember the shingles, coughing, barfing and snoring. And for the record again, it was not the first night. The bathtub incident came later in the trip. And there just wasn’t a doggone thing I could do to help in that situation. =)

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