Red Carpet!!!

10:59 I am watching the red carpet coverage on E! They do the best although Mr. Jay makes my teeth itch. It has almost started!!

11:01 Miley looks shockingly age appropriate. I like her dress and that makes me kinda disappointed. That could have been a great train wreck. Oh, well there are plenty of upcoming chances for train wrecks.

11:21 I have high hopes for Hugh Jackman. He killed at the Tony Awards and well, let’s face it- as long as he’s in a tux, I won’t be disappointed. I also love that they run script at the bottom of the screen like there is breaking news.

11:22 Does anyone else think that Emile Hirsch and Dominic Cooper are interchangeable? Have we seen them in the same screen shot ever?

11:36 Is Kevin Kline playing Mark Twain in an upcoming movie? If not, why is his hair like that?


12:03 Heidi Klum looks like she is wearing almost the same thing she wore last year and she is rockin’ it better than anyone else. Amy Adams looks lovely and I love that color red on her but the necklace looks a bit…thick.

12:21 Everyone looks so nice and decent. Where’s Cher when you need her?

12:29 Who need Cher when Beyonce done ripped down the curtains to whip up her dress Scarlett O’Hara style! And Meryl Streep looks lovely and not at all like a hobo as she is prone to do.

12:33 I want Anne Hathaway’s dress. She may be my favorite of the night!

12:38 Brangelina = Underwhelming

12:47 Kate Winslet is perfection. The seventh grader in me who saw Titanic too many times wants her to win.

12:51 Tilda Swinton: bringing the crazy to the Oscars since 2008. She always looks like she went to a designer and said, “do you have anything made with Hefty bags?”

1:00 Switched to the ABC official show. Probably will be a repeat of what I have watched so far!

1:12 All the talk about Mickey Rourke’s dead dog is really bumming me out. Dang- he already had a tiny dog tux made.

1:27 They keep referencing these top secret things and maybe musical numbers. I am equal parts excited and terrified. It could really suck and be embarrassing for all involved or it could be up there with Billy Crystal’s amazing opening numbers. Too much pressure on the audience.


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This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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One Response to Red Carpet!!!

  1. T-Nutts says:

    I’m reading your comments, but we haven’t started watching it yet! Now I can’t wait to see Beyonce.

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