The Way it Should Be

I am the only one awake in our flat right now. Mike and Aunt Carolyn are dozing on the couch with the tv playing. The pups are curled up around us. Mom and Nana are alseep downstairs. We are all stuffed from spaghetti and chocolate cake and tired from a long evening of sitting around our table talking. My cabinets are full of Velveeta and Crystal Light. I have eaten my first Frito’s in months. I don’t know about many things in life, but I know that I feel better right now than I have in a long time. As much as I love getting to travel and see some more of the world, I hate when it has been so long that I can’t remember my last mom hug. I would also love for Dad, Jake and Honey to be here, but a girl can’t get too picky. We have lots of fun things planned for this week that will wind up here (mostly because I have to prove that I am taking care of Nana so Honey doesn’t get too worried). But right now while everything is peaceful and quiet, I can pretend that the week doesn’t have to end and no one has to go home. We are just together again sitting and talking, laughing and exploring, and that is the way it should be.


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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7 Responses to The Way it Should Be

  1. Jenna Hall says:

    Tell your Mom things here are pretty good. James and Tyric may be dead when she gets back–I might kill them-ha! I know you all are having a great t ime. Enjoy the time with them. Have fun.


  2. Dad says:

    Oh, life is Good!!!!!!!

  3. Suzanne says:

    Makes me want to cry when you said that part about no one having to leave. Maybe you should hold them all hostage and make your Dad, Jake and Honey come to get them! Just a thought…

  4. Carole says:

    Oh my goodness! You made me cry! And now I can’t see to do my work. BTW, Mayer says “BARK!”

  5. Kellie says:

    Well I’m dying to know . . . were Hannah Belle and Cricket happy to see Nana? I hope you all have fun!

  6. JiJi1 says:


    There are times when only a Mother’s love
    Can understand our tears,
    Can soothe our disappoints
    And calm all of our fears.

    There are times when only a Mother’s love
    Can share the joy we feel
    When something we’ve dreamed about
    Quite suddenly is real.

    There are times when only a Mother’s faith
    Can help us on life’s way
    And inspire in us the confidence
    We need from day to day.

    For a Mother’s heart and a Mother’s faith
    And a Mother’s steadfast love
    Were fashioned by the Angels
    And sent from God above.


    Load up and enjoy all those sweet precious mom, grandma and auntie hugs and special moments this week! The boys back home will do fine without them for a few days. Counting the days until it’s my turn. XOXO, JiJi

  7. Brenda says:

    I loved reading “The Way it Should Be”. I have thought of you all ever since Cindy left. I know you are enjoying London and being together. All is well in the neighborhood.


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