It’s So Beautiful


Isn’t she pretty? This is the same thing as TJ Maxx but for some reason the J is a K over here. Back in the states TJ Maxx was my least visited of the Discount Heaven Trifecta (Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx) because we didn’t have one near us and I could get to the other two during my lunch hour.  It is pretty much the same everything as TJ Maxx, great clothes, accessories, shoes and housewares. The one I went to was three stories and glorious. I browsed in the clothes for a bit because they do have some of the best deals I have seen in London. But yesterday’s visit was all about the home goods. I am in a serious decorating crisis, please pray. Our flat is a little bland for me. The walls are beige; the floors are light wood; the trim is white; the curtians were beige; and our furniture is neutral/khaki. We have some bits of color in our stuff to try and liven it up but everything is so close together that stuff was clashing and I am not yet happy with the look of it all. We begged our landlord to paint one wall of our main room and were told not only no, but h-e-double hockey sticks no. I cried. We have dealt with the window issue (more on that later) but I still need a more cohesive decor. I thinks I am going a little more romantic and muted with the color scheme than the bold colors I gravitated to in the past. Fighting all these freaking soothing tones was making me very unsoothed so I went in search for furnishings. I left TK Maxx with two silk pillows, a tray for the coffee table and a lamp for £36!!!! I was quite proud of myself until I realized that I had to carry two silk pillows, a coffee table tray and a lamp to the tube, two different tube lines, multiple escalators and staircases and them the 5 minute walk home. But the result is worth it! There is still some work that needs to be done before I can feel good enough to post pictures but it’s coming along. So in short, I do enjoy walking around Harrods, but it didn’t hold a candle to my Maxx experience yesterday!


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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One Response to It’s So Beautiful

  1. Cindy says:

    YEA! Another tourist attraction to visit in October! Now that is my kind of sightseeing. Love you, Mom

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