White, Beige, Ecru, Cream, and Snow

Those are the colors of our bathroom. Mike and I are fans of color. Lots of color, erring on the side of garish. I am beginning to get our flat into shape and as a room is ready, I will post pictures up. So far you get the bathroom.  It is a tiny bathroom. A very tiny bathroom. It was all white and beige to start with, and our shower curtain, rugs and towels were already white. So basically it is like showering inside a giant marshmallow.  (great mental picture, right?)

Yep, we have rubbermaid storage in the bathroom just like college freshmen, and I thank the Lord for it every day.

Right now I am leaving it all plain. It is so small that trying to do much decorating and adding color will just make it overwhelming. I do have a few ideas that I am going to try just to get a little personality in there.

One of my favorite things is my shower curtain. I bought it right before we got married at Anthropologie for $80 and I thought I was a big time spender. That’s right dad, I paid eighty bucks for a shower curtain- in my defense, I had a 50 dollar gift card. (That you bought me for Christmas hahahahaha) I love how the ruffles make it fun and flirty (there are ruffles at the top too) but it isn’t in a girlie color that I will get tired of or Mike can’t stand. Best eighty bucks that I have spent, because it makes me smile every time I look at it.

This one is right outside the bathroom. I tried finding a place in the bathroom to put the towels but there isn’t much room and they stay damp in there. Yes, that is the bucket of a thousand stitches. I asked Mike before I put it there and he said that he thinks he can walk past it safely since it is on carpet.

Sometimes I can’t get past the beigeness of it all. But I do like how clean it feels.

Doesn’t the bathroom make everyone excited to come stay with us!

About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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5 Responses to White, Beige, Ecru, Cream, and Snow

  1. Kristyn says:

    Looks GREAT! I’ll start looking at flights to London! 😉

  2. Dad says:

    Fun and flirty in the bathroon? I just don’t want to know! And just think, little did I know I was helping you decorate a bathroom. Love ya.

  3. Nana says:

    Your pretty bathroom doesn’t do a thing for Honey. ha He is still not sure he wants me to go and leave him for a week, but I think it is beautiful. Can’t wait to see the rest of your apartment.

  4. Cindy says:

    I am willing to use the bathroom at the gas (petrol) station on the corner! I just want to come see you!

  5. JiJi1 says:

    Yea, we’re home!

    I thought my bathroom on the ship was tiny! I believe that your sink and toilet are the smallest that I’ve ever seen, but I’ll judge for myself when we see you in October. Miss you lots! XOXOXOXOX

    p.s. Love, Love, Love the pink pic hanging outside the bath!
    pps. Explain that silver ladder looking thing hanging on the wall.

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