Not what we expected.

I have this bad problem of deciding how something should be (look like, sound like, smell like, feel like) in my head and then getting very upset if it isn’t that way even if there is nothing wrong with the reality. Sometimes I let these expectations ruin the  reality of something that could be very good and sometimes I don’t.  I had some big expectations of what our first day and week in London would be like. In my head we arrived at the airport and were whisked to our new home had time to freshen up and in a few hours (or at the latest the next day) all our furniture and belongings arrived and we would have spent all this week organizing and unpacking and getting life all settled before Mike started work on Monday. I think in some of these dreams I was even wearing a dress, apron and pearls waving goodbye to Mike from the doorway of an immaculate house while 1950s sitcom music was playing in the background but nevermind that. Needless to say, not one of those things has happened. We had to track down the keys to our apartment, none of our stuff is here, there is no hot water, the only food in the house is frosted flakes, milk and Indian food leftovers, trying to get cell phones has been a nightmare, dealing with an international bank account has been such a pain, we have tons of wrinkled clothes suited for Texas summer heat rather than London spring drizzle, the first two nights we slept on 4 towels and a sheet, and they can’t come install our home internet until Friday the 13th.  It has been a helluva week. But on the other hand, we have walked and walked and gotten to explore find things that we would haven’t had time to do if we were unpacking and cleaning. We have slept almost 10 hours a night because we can and it’s free. We did go for Indian food one night but mostly we have stuck to the familiar so far like Subway, McDonalds, KFC, and TGIFridays because I think that we have felt vulnerable enough and food that tasted like home was always what sounded good. We spent the day at the cell phone place yesterday and after that we just walked, down the theatre area, around Buckingham Palace, the south river bank and up around Big Ben. We told somewhere that had a 45 minute wait for dinner that it was no problem and just sat and talked. We haven’t gotten to spend this much time together in a long time and it has been great. We lie in bed at night and talk and watch dvds on our laptops and spend the day walking and talking about everything under the sun. So the week hasn’t gone as planned, and that’s ok. We are still excited to be here and well rested and have some good stories to tell our grandchildren.


About fishandchipsandsalsa

This is the story of a newlywed-ish couple in Dallas about to pack up their lives and pups to move to jolly ol' England. They will miss good family, good friends and good fajitas.
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3 Responses to Not what we expected.

  1. Nana says:

    It sounds like you two are having a lot of fun. Andrea you really should write a book. Your blog is so funny just think how much money you could make. We love you and hope you get everything turned on and can take a HOT shower soon.

  2. lollie says:

    Well June, Ward will soon go off to work and you can wax the floors in heels and pearls. My advise for homesickness is COMFORT FOOD and plenty of it. The cell phone delimma may be a blessing. Just think you and Mike are talking to one another instead of clinging to familiar voices. Ok, my questions are does Big Ben tick where you can hear it? does he chime on the hour or quarter hour? can you hear it at your apartment (strike that) flat?
    are spring drizzles cold? does it drizzle, sprinkle, or mist? did you get those cute boots and umbrella?
    how many people stop you a day and ask if you are from Texas?
    Andrea, have you worn that cute little skirt with your cowboy boots?
    You can either work these answers into your blog or email jiji and get my email.

  3. John Coker says:

    Very Romantic! You guys hang in there! Keep the blogs coming. I love them!! You are such a good writer, Andrea! I called mom at the hospital and read your last 2 blogs mom and dad over speakerphone. She laughed and cried! And I almost did too!!

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